Pál Barzó, MD

Neurosurgeon, neurologist

PhD, med. habil., DSc.

New Patient Information

If you would like to request a second opinion in neurosurgery, please submit the registration form below and we will provide you with the necessary information. Submitting the form will help us decide if we can help you with an online service.

The second opinion of the specialist is not a substitute for a personal consultation, it only offers the possibility (based on the results of the laboratory tests, CT, MRI imaging etc.) to decide if your disease is of a neurosurgical nature.

In case of a neurosurgical problem if necessary, we will offer you the possibility of a personal appointment as soon as possible.

The consultation fee is 30,000 HUF, the follow-up consultation fee is 15,000 HUF which can be paid by bank transfer. After we receive the reference, we will send you a written medical opinion by e-mail or by post if requested.

Please read the General Terms and Conditions and Data Protection Policy carefully before registration.